Trying out this Primitive Approach to Eating

I’ve been following the Paleo diet for about 4 months now. While I still occasionally cheat (ice cream sundae for example), overall I’m pretty pleased with how I feel and the loss of 2 inches (approaching 3 now) around my waist. Some things I do have to watch are my calcium intake, as if I’m not eating at least one big serving of a leafy green vegetable every day I start to worry if I’m getting enough calcium.


Since some days this isn’t practical (not available where I am, or I ran out of frozen Kale or Spinach for example to take for lunch or quickly prepare for dinner), I’ve added in drinking a Coconut milk beverage once a day. It’s relatively healthy, and the only thing possibly bad in it is that it is sweetened with cane sugar, which normally would be a no-no on a strict interpretation of the caveman diet.

You can find more on my description of the diet and some resources I’m using to educate myself by reading this article.




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