Mountain Buffet – Perfect for my Diet

We went up to Snowmass Mountain in Granby, CO earlier this summer for a few days. We stayed at the YCMA facility just outside of Granby (Between Frasier and Granby) – it was gorgeous if a little hot. They hadn’t had rain for weeks, and there was a complete fire ban everywhere in the county including on the YMCA grounds. Th purpose of this short blog entry is to talk about how successful I was in finding primitive caveman foods (you can read about this approach in this article)

There is a huge mess hall called “The Commons” that easily accommodates 200-300 people at any point in time. We ate there 3 out of the 5 days we were up there [other two days we fixed meals in our rental cabin]. The awesome part of their buffet style dining is that there seemed to always be more choices that aligned with the paleo diet than not.

For example, our last night there they had:

  • Fresh salad bar [every night actually]
  • Roast Pork Medallions
  • Roast Beef
  • Catfish
  • Fresh vegetables lightly seasoned and steamed
  • Mashed potatoes (w/skin still on)
  • For beverages, water, tea, cranberry juice, orange juice, and apple juice

They rotate their dinner entrees every night, and as you can see from the above they have about 3 main courses and then a nice variety of sides which are fairly compliant with the Paleo approach to eating!

[I did avoid the chocolate cake most nights, but have to admit I did indulge one night…]

I avoided whole wheat the entire trip (this article explains why), and also managed to have between meal snacks with some nitrite free Turkey jerkey I took up with me (learn more about Paleo snacking here!)

All in all I would recommend this place as a great Paleo destination – I didn’t even get into all of the outdoor activities they offer in some of the most beautiful scenery in Colorado!



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