Wierd, Unexpected Results of being on the Paleo Diet

After being on the Paleo diet for several months now, I’ve experienced some great things – more mentally alert, higher energy levels, and a reduction of 2 inches in my waistline. And all of this without (yet) implementing a new diet program (this article explains my rationale on that front).

But I’ve also noticed some other more subtle effects of optimizing my body and natural fat reduction – 2 things that for some reason were very noticeable today in particular:

  • My shoes feel loose – I’m not kidding! When I walk or even am sitting at my desk they simply feel almost a half size too large. Who would have guessed that my body would begin reducing unneeded fat around my feet?
  • Similar experience with my wrists – my wristwatch has been on the same strap notch for over 10 years – and now when I go to check the time it is consistently upside down thanks to it being loose and the watch face pulling the strap around so it is hanging down. While frustrating in terms of having to re-adjust it, how amazing is this?

I’m having a great time eating as much as I want, and to be totally honest I still tend to cheat one day a week or so – my guilty pleasures are almost always a slice of pizza, or a bowl of snack mix. While I’m trying to stay faithful to the diet, I’m also a realist and my expectation is that my body is still getting 90% of the benefits of not consuming grains, rice, pasta, bread, sugar, and other items not part of our caveman history.

I’m also continuing to stay abreast of the latest experts in the field of “Paleo” – I recently published a reviewCover Photo of Robb Wolf's Paleo Diet Shopping Guide Book of Robb Wolf’s “The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide” which I think can be a great resource for not only saving money, but more importantly (for me) saving time.

Happy dieting!



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