Peanut Butter & Jelly – Take 2

We all ate PB&J sandwiches when we were young. In fact. I would guess that many bachelors tended to have these a few times a week for dinner depending on their cooking skills!

So I think peanut butter is so-so from a nutritional perspective (i.e. walnuts and almonds are better but choices, and thus maybe using almond butter….).

However, the bread part is what has changed for me in the last 4 months. As a middle 40’s dad of 2 kids, I don’t tend to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches often (ok never), but given I have been on the paleo diet now for 4+ months, I have to weight in on the bread portion!

If you read my article on wheat bread, you’ll see that based on my research and beliefs in the caveman approach to diet, wheat bread as well as really bread of ANY kind is not healthy for you over the long term. Some people on the paleo diet have made almond bread completely out of “almond meal”. While this looks interesting, I have not myself tried this, although I know whole foods carries almond meal (which is really just ground up almonds that are in powder form)…but it isn’t cheap!

So, check out my blog above and see why I believe wheat or any kind of grain based bread is bad for you. It kind of throws a twist on the standby PB&J now doesn’t it?



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