Trying out this Primitive Approach to Eating

I’ve been following the Paleo diet for about 4 months now. While I still occasionally cheat (ice cream sundae for example), overall I’m pretty pleased with how I feel and the loss of 2 inches (approaching 3 now) around my waist. Some things I do have to watch are my calcium intake, as if I’m not eating at least one big serving of a leafy green vegetable every day I start to worry if I’m getting enough calcium.


Since some days this isn’t practical (not available where I am, or I ran out of frozen Kale or Spinach for example to take for lunch or quickly prepare for dinner), I’ve added in drinking a Coconut milk beverage once a day. It’s relatively healthy, and the only thing possibly bad in it is that it is sweetened with cane sugar, which normally would be a no-no on a strict interpretation of the caveman diet.

You can find more on my description of the diet and some resources I’m using to educate myself by reading this article.




Mountain Buffet – Perfect for my Diet

We went up to Snowmass Mountain in Granby, CO earlier this summer for a few days. We stayed at the YCMA facility just outside of Granby (Between Frasier and Granby) – it was gorgeous if a little hot. They hadn’t had rain for weeks, and there was a complete fire ban everywhere in the county including on the YMCA grounds. Th purpose of this short blog entry is to talk about how successful I was in finding primitive caveman foods (you can read about this approach in this article)

There is a huge mess hall called “The Commons” that easily accommodates 200-300 people at any point in time. We ate there 3 out of the 5 days we were up there [other two days we fixed meals in our rental cabin]. The awesome part of their buffet style dining is that there seemed to always be more choices that aligned with the paleo diet than not.

For example, our last night there they had:

  • Fresh salad bar [every night actually]
  • Roast Pork Medallions
  • Roast Beef
  • Catfish
  • Fresh vegetables lightly seasoned and steamed
  • Mashed potatoes (w/skin still on)
  • For beverages, water, tea, cranberry juice, orange juice, and apple juice

They rotate their dinner entrees every night, and as you can see from the above they have about 3 main courses and then a nice variety of sides which are fairly compliant with the Paleo approach to eating!

[I did avoid the chocolate cake most nights, but have to admit I did indulge one night…]

I avoided whole wheat the entire trip (this article explains why), and also managed to have between meal snacks with some nitrite free Turkey jerkey I took up with me (learn more about Paleo snacking here!)

All in all I would recommend this place as a great Paleo destination – I didn’t even get into all of the outdoor activities they offer in some of the most beautiful scenery in Colorado!


Wierd, Unexpected Results of being on the Paleo Diet

After being on the Paleo diet for several months now, I’ve experienced some great things – more mentally alert, higher energy levels, and a reduction of 2 inches in my waistline. And all of this without (yet) implementing a new diet program (this article explains my rationale on that front).

But I’ve also noticed some other more subtle effects of optimizing my body and natural fat reduction – 2 things that for some reason were very noticeable today in particular:

  • My shoes feel loose – I’m not kidding! When I walk or even am sitting at my desk they simply feel almost a half size too large. Who would have guessed that my body would begin reducing unneeded fat around my feet?
  • Similar experience with my wrists – my wristwatch has been on the same strap notch for over 10 years – and now when I go to check the time it is consistently upside down thanks to it being loose and the watch face pulling the strap around so it is hanging down. While frustrating in terms of having to re-adjust it, how amazing is this?

I’m having a great time eating as much as I want, and to be totally honest I still tend to cheat one day a week or so – my guilty pleasures are almost always a slice of pizza, or a bowl of snack mix. While I’m trying to stay faithful to the diet, I’m also a realist and my expectation is that my body is still getting 90% of the benefits of not consuming grains, rice, pasta, bread, sugar, and other items not part of our caveman history.

I’m also continuing to stay abreast of the latest experts in the field of “Paleo” – I recently published a reviewCover Photo of Robb Wolf's Paleo Diet Shopping Guide Book of Robb Wolf’s “The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide” which I think can be a great resource for not only saving money, but more importantly (for me) saving time.

Happy dieting!


Peanut Butter & Jelly – Take 2

We all ate PB&J sandwiches when we were young. In fact. I would guess that many bachelors tended to have these a few times a week for dinner depending on their cooking skills!

So I think peanut butter is so-so from a nutritional perspective (i.e. walnuts and almonds are better but choices, and thus maybe using almond butter….).

However, the bread part is what has changed for me in the last 4 months. As a middle 40’s dad of 2 kids, I don’t tend to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches often (ok never), but given I have been on the paleo diet now for 4+ months, I have to weight in on the bread portion!

If you read my article on wheat bread, you’ll see that based on my research and beliefs in the caveman approach to diet, wheat bread as well as really bread of ANY kind is not healthy for you over the long term. Some people on the paleo diet have made almond bread completely out of “almond meal”. While this looks interesting, I have not myself tried this, although I know whole foods carries almond meal (which is really just ground up almonds that are in powder form)…but it isn’t cheap!

So, check out my blog above and see why I believe wheat or any kind of grain based bread is bad for you. It kind of throws a twist on the standby PB&J now doesn’t it?


Lean Protein Sources on the Paleo Diet

Hi. Lots of people have questions around how much protein is in an egg. The short answer is a fair amount – depending on the size and type of egg it is around 13 grams, which is roughly half the amount in a chicken breast or thigh. You can read a more detailed overview of the protein content of an egg and view other nutritional information in the this blog posting.

In any case, most Paleo diet programs include eggs as an approved part of our prehistoric eating patterns, and you can hard boil them ahead of time and have snacks for the entire week [or a protein source in almost any meal of the day].


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